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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Health Literacy Conference held at Keele

Jo Protheroe and Bernadette Bartlam from Primary Care Sciences were part of an organising committee from the Health Literacy Group UK hosting the 3rd Health Literacy Conference, held at Keele Hall last week. Jo Protheroe, who is Co-Chair of the Health Literacy Group UK said, “the aim of group is to build the evidence base for health literacy and its impact on people and their lives, and to support national policy to reduce inequalities. Anyone who has an interest or contribution to make in this area can join the group."  More information at: 

Members of an international panel gave an overview of the field, including Professor Gill Rowlands, KCL, Professor Michael Wolf, University of Chicago, Professor Kristine Sorenson, Maastrict University and Dr Graham Kramer. The international tone was also reflected in the range of excellent oral and poster presentations. 

Pictured are members of the conferencing organising committee with keynote speakers (left to right) Emee Estacio (RI Social Sciences); Cath Jackson, Bernadette Bartlam, Michael Wolf, Gill Rowlands, Jo Protheroe, Kristine Sorenson, Linda Clark and Emma Brooks.

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