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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Dr Majid Artus awarded NIHR Clinical Trials Fellowship

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We are delighted to announce that Dr Majid Artus has been awarded a highly competitive Clinical Trials Fellowship from the NIHR. 

NIHR Clinical Trials Fellowships support existing NIHR Trainees within the setting of a Clinical Trials Unit in a training programme that exposes the trainee to all aspects and stages of trials across a number of studies. More details of NIHR training and career development funding can be obtained from

Majid says, "This fellowship will provide me with the opportunity of formal training to develop as a clinical trialist. It came at a perfect time as I currently work on developing clinical trials ideas with a team of distinguishd researchers here at the Primary Care Science at Keele University. I anticipate a number of exciting projects to come to a fruition as a direct outcome of the previlage of this fellowship"

Congratulations Majid!

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