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Monday, 22 December 2014

Celebrating excellent results in REF 2014

REF 2014 - Home - 500

IPCHS have achieved great results in the REF 2014, with 91% of Keele’s Primary Care  research has been judged world leading or internationally excellent.   This ranks Keele's primary care submission 3rd nationally on the basis of World Leading or Internationally Excellent research (3* and 4*).  

The Grade Point Average for Keele’s  primary care  research ranks it as the 6th best Medical School nationally in terms of its overall research profile, and 5th in terms of its best research publications and the international impact of its primary care research.   

In addition, primary care research formed more than one third of Keele’s submission to the Allied Health Professionals panel. 90% of Keele’s Allied Health Professional research was rated as World Leading or Internationally Excellent.

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